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Who Is Danielle Smith Husband? Family Background And Net Worth

Danielle Smith husband has been an integral part of her life. She has had two marriages in her life. Her first husband was Sean McKinsley, and her current partner is David Moretta. 

Marlaina Danielle Smith is a Canadian politician, former lobbyist, former columnist, and media personality.

She currently holds the position of the 19th Premier of Alberta and has been the United Conservative Party (UCP) leader since October 2022.

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Danielle Smith Husband: Sean McKinsley

Smith’s first husband is Sean McKinsley. During her time at the campus Progressive Conservatives, Smith became actively engaged in political activities and campaign work.

Through her involvement in political campaigning, she crossed paths with Sean McKinsley, who would later become her first husband.

As a dedicated member of the campus Progressive Conservatives, Smith’s passion for politics and her commitment to the party led her to be elected as the club president.

Danielle Smith First Husband
The Canadian politician was first married to her husband, Sean McKinsley. (Photo: Instagram)

This position allowed her to immerse herself in politics further and gain valuable organizational leadership experience.

While serving as president and continuing her political activities, Smith formed a connection with Sean McKinsley.

The details of their relationship and subsequent marriage are not widely available. Still, it can be inferred that their shared political interests and involvement played a significant role in their initial connection.

Danielle Smith Current Partner

Danielle Smith’s current partner is David Moretta. Their relationship began when Smith met Moretta, who was working as an Executive producer with Global Television at the time.

Moretta later transitioned to become a former Executive producer with Sun Media.

Smith’s achievements and contributions to her community were recognized in 2004 when she was honoured as one of Calgary’s “Top 40 Under 40.”

Danielle Smith's with her husband David Moretta.
Smith’s with her husband David Moretta, whom she met on Global Television. (Photo: Twitter)

This accolade highlighted her notable accomplishments and demonstrated her leadership abilities and dedication to making a positive impact in her field.

While specific details about Smith and Moretta’s relationship beyond their professional backgrounds are unavailable, their shared interests and mutual support likely contribute to their partnership.

As Smith continues her political career and assumes the role of the 19th Premier of Alberta, having a partner like Moretta, who has experience in media production, may provide valuable insights and support in navigating the political landscape.

Does Danielle Smith Have Children?

Details about Smith’s children remain undisclosed, keeping her family life private from the public eye.

While she has made significant strides in her career as a Canadian politician, former lobbyist, columnist, and media personality, Smith appears to maintain a boundary between her public responsibilities and personal life.

The decision to keep information about her children out of the public domain aligns with many public figures who shield their families from the spotlight.

This intentional privacy allows individuals in the public sphere, like Danielle, to balance their professional and personal lives, maintaining a level of separation between the demands of public service and the privacy of their family relationships.

Danielle Smith Family Background

Marlaina, born on April 1, 1971, in Calgary, is the second child among five siblings. Her family had modest means and resided in subsidized housing during her upbringing.

As a student, Smith worked various jobs at McDonald’s, a bingo parlour, and restaurants, where she worked as a busser.

Smith’s parents were described as “reliably conservative.” A formative moment occurred when Smith, in eighth grade, came home praising a teacher who spoke positively about communism.

Given her family’s Ukrainian background, which was part of the Soviet Union then, her father disagreed, prompting them to engage in more extensive discussions around the dinner table.

Danielle Smith Family Background
Danielle Smith grew up in Calgary among five siblings. (Photo: Instagram)

This experience highlighted the importance of open dialogue within the family.

In her youth, Smith was a member of the Girl Guides of Canada and was recognized as a prominent member in a 2013 museum exhibit at the Red Deer Museum and Art Gallery.

She admires thinkers such as Ayn Rand, John Locke, and Margaret Thatcher.

Additionally, she has expressed an interest in the works of Christopher Paolini, particularly the young-adult fantasy novel Eragon, and once considered pursuing a career as a novelist in the science fiction and fantasy genres.

Danielle Smith Early Career And Education

Danielle Smith began her early career by pursuing higher education at the University of Calgary, where she focused on earning a Bachelor of Science degree in economics.

As a student, Smith exhibited a strong interest in politics and became actively involved in campus politics by joining the campus Progressive Conservatives.

Her dedication and leadership qualities led to her election as the president of the campus Progressive Conservatives, allowing her to develop essential organizational and political skills.

Danielle Smith's career
Smith graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Science in economics. (Photo: Twitter)

Following graduation, Smith ventured into the media and communications field, working as a columnist and media personality.

Her role in media provided her with a platform to express her conservative viewpoints and engage with the public on a wide range of political and social issues.

During this period, Smith’s passion for conservative principles and effective communication began to shape her political trajectory.

Her early experiences in media, campus politics, and political campaigning laid a solid foundation for her subsequent career in Alberta’s political landscape.

Danielle Smith Net Worth

Smith, a former politician and host, has an estimated net worth of $4 million. Her income primarily stems from various sources related to her career in media and politics.

As a journalist, Smith earned income through her work as a columnist and media personality.

She shared her perspectives on political and social issues, which likely included compensation from media outlets for her contributions.

Danielle Smith Net Worth
Former politician and host Danielle Smith’s Net Worth is 4 million USD. (Photo: Instagram)

Additionally, her role as a host for various programs or events could have provided additional income.

During her tenure as a politician, Smith served as the Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) for Highwood.

As an MLA, she received a salary and benefits commensurate with the position, contributing to her overall net worth.

Furthermore, Smith’s involvement in political campaigns and her leadership roles within political organizations may have offered fundraising and financial support opportunities, contributing to her net worth.

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