Where Is Juana Barraza Now

Where Is Juana Barraza Now? Lady Serial Killer Arrest and Charges

Curious about Where Is Juana Barraza Now? Track down the latest updates on the infamous La Mataviejitas and her current whereabouts.

Juana Barraza, a former professional wrestler from Mexico, gained notoriety as the serial killer known as “La Mataviejitas” or “The Little Old Lady Killer.”

Convicted for the brutal murders of 16 elderly women in Mexico City during the early 2000s, she was sentenced to 759 years in prison.

The chilling documentary “The Lady of Silence: The Mataviejitas Murders” on Netflix delves into the disturbing details of her crimes, where older women were tragically strangled in their homes.

Barraza’s case remains a haunting reminder of the darkness lurking within even the most unexpected individuals.

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Where Is Juana Barraza Now In 2023?

As of July 2023, Juana Barraza remains incarcerated at the Santa Martha de Acatitla prison in Mexico City.

Her life behind bars has been marked by a unique role as a taco vendor, selling her culinary creations from Monday to Wednesday in the prison courtyard.

In an exciting twist, Barraza was briefly married to another inmate named Miguel Ángel in 2015.

Their union was made possible through the government program Lazos en Reclusíon (Bond in Confinement), which facilitated collective ceremonies for 48 prisoners.

Where Is Juana Barraza
La Mataviejitas remains incarcerated at the Santa Martha de Acatitla prison in Mexico City. (Photo: EL PAIS English)

However, the marriage was short-lived, and the couple went their separate ways after just one year.

Barraza admitted their love vanished upon their first meeting as she spent less than an hour with her husband.

Despite this brief marriage, Juana continues to serve her sentence for the heinous crimes she committed as “La Mataviejitas,” the serial killer responsible for the deaths of 16 elderly women in Mexico City during the early 2000s.

While her story contains a surprising twist of a prison wedding, Barraza remains confined, serving her 759-year sentence, and the Netflix documentary “The Lady of Silence: The Mataviejitas Murders” serves as a chilling reminder of her dark past.

Juana Barraza Arrest

On January 25, 2006, Barraza’s reign of terror ended when she was apprehended leaving the home of Ana María de los Reyes Alfaro, an 84-year-old woman whom she had stabbed and strangled.

Alfaro’s tenant witnessed Barraza leaving the scene and promptly alerted neighbors and a police officer, leading to her capture.

During her arrest, Barraza had incriminating items in her possession, including a list of names and addresses of older women, a stethoscope, and a fake social worker ID, suggesting a pattern of targeting vulnerable victims.

Despite the mounting evidence against her, Juana vehemently denied responsibility for the other killings.

Juana Barraza Arrest
On January 25, 2006, Barraza was arrested and taken into custody. (Photo: ActitudeFem)

Although ten fingerprints found at various crime scenes were linked to her, she maintained that she had only killed one older woman and refused to admit involvement in the other murders.

Throughout her trial, she expressed frustration with authorities for not pursuing other potential culprits involved in extortion and killings.

Eventually, Barraza was convicted for the murders she committed and was sentenced to 759 years in prison for her heinous crimes as “La Mataviejitas,” the Little Old Lady Killer.

Juana Barraza Charges

In the spring of 2008, Juana faced trial for a series of heinous crimes, with the prosecution alleging her involvement in as many as 40 deaths.

While she admitted to one murder, that of Ana María de los Reyes Alfaro, Barraza revealed her motive as lingering resentment over her mother’s treatment of her.

On March 31, she was found guilty on 16 charges, including 11 separate counts of murder, as well as aggravated burglary.

The court sentenced her to 759 years, with sentences in Mexican courts generally served concurrently.

Despite the lengthy sentence, Juana has been using her time behind bars, working as a gym instructor and selling tacos to support her family.

News reports have also indicated that she married and divorced during prison. D

due to the maximum sentence allowed under Mexican law being 60 years, she will likely spend the rest of her life incarcerated for the horrific crimes she committed as “La Mataviejitas,” the Little Old Lady Killer.

Juana Barraza Victims: María de la Luz González Anaya and 15 Other

Juana is believed to have started her killing spree on November 25, 2002, with her first known victim being María de la Luz González Anaya, 64, who was found strangled in her home in Coyoacán, Mexico City.

Four months later, she killed 84-year-old Guillermina León. After these initial murders, authorities suspect that Barraza went on to claim the lives of as many as 46 women.

Her modus operandi involved dressing as a nurse or social worker to befriend her victims, gaining entry to their homes before brutally strangling them with items such as stockings and phone cables.

Juana Barraza Victims
Juana Barraza was found guilty of 16 murders. (Photo: Daily Star)

While she typically left behind valuables, she sometimes took religious items like images of saints, crucifixes, and Bibles.

During the investigation, witnesses described the killer as a man with short blonde hair, leading the police to focus on male suspects mistakenly.

This error was further compounded when they targeted transvestite sex workers, highlighting the gender biases in the perception of criminality.

Ultimately, Barraza’s reign of terror persisted until her capture, and her accurate victim count may never be fully known.

Juana Barraza Orign and Family

A tragic and tumultuous upbringing shaped Barraza’s life. She was born in Epazoyucan, Hidalgo, a rural area north of Mexico City.

Her mother, Justa Samperio, was an alcoholic. She reportedly traded Juana for three beers to a man who subjected her to repeated abuse, leading to her becoming pregnant with a son.

Despite this harrowing start, she had four children, although her eldest son tragically died due to injuries sustained in a mugging.

Juana Barraza Orign and Family
Juana Barraza was a professional wrestler named The Lady of Silence. (Photo: All That’s Interesting)

Before her arrest, Juana pursued a career as a professional wrestler under the ring name La Dama del Silencio, or The Lady of Silence.

Wrestling, particularly the Mexican form of masked professional wrestling known as lucha libre, captured her interest and provided an escape from the difficulties of her life.

Her troubled past and interest in wrestling shaped the path she would ultimately take, leading to a disturbing chapter in Mexican criminal history as the notorious serial killer, “La Mataviejitas,” the Little Old Lady Killer.

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