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Who Is Tim Ballard? Wikipedia Age And Family Details

Explore Tim Ballard Wikipedia page, learn about his role in the fight against human trafficking, and the founding of Operation Underground Railroad. 

Ballard’s work has received significant attention and support nationally and internationally.

He has been featured in various media outlets, documentaries, and interviews, shedding light on the urgent need to combat child sex trafficking and protect vulnerable children.

Follow the article to learn more about the founder of Operation Underground Railroad. This article will cover every information you need to learn about the businessman.

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Tim Ballard Wikipedia And Biography

Ballard is a prominent figure in the fight against human trafficking and the founder of Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.).

He has dedicated his life to rescuing victims of child sex trafficking and bringing traffickers to justice.

Ballard’s passion for this cause stems from his previous work as a Special Agent for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

During his time with the government, Ballard served on the Child Exploitation Investigations Unit and the U.S. Child Sex Tourism Jump Team.

As an undercover operative, he infiltrated criminal networks involved in child exploitation, working tirelessly to apprehend offenders and protect vulnerable children.

Tim Ballard Wikipedia
Tim actively combats human trafficking and established an organization called Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.). (Photo: Facebook)

Inspired by his experiences, Ballard founded O.U.R. in 2013.

The organization aims to combat child sex trafficking through coordinated rescue operations, providing aftercare to survivors, and supporting law enforcement agencies to dismantle trafficking networks.

O.U.R. also focuses on raising awareness about human trafficking and advocating for policy changes to combat this global issue.

Ballard’s work has gained international recognition and has become a prominent advocate against human trafficking.

Tim Ballard Age: How Old Is He?

As of 2023, Tim Ballard is estimated to be in his forties or fifties based on his birth in the 1970s.

While an exact birth date is not provided, it can be inferred that he falls within this age range.

Considering his extensive career as a government agent and his founding of Operation Underground Railroad in 2013.

Tim Ballard age
Ballard is estimated to be in his forties or fifties. (Photo: Facebook)

Ballard has accumulated a wealth of experience and expertise in combating human trafficking.

His age and accumulated years of service further highlight his commitment and dedication to this cause.

Nonetheless, his impactful work and the positive changes he has made in the fight against child sex trafficking through O.U.R. remain remarkable, regardless of his exact age.

Tim Ballard Family- Parents

Timothy Ballard was born in the 1970s in Utah, United States.

While his parents’ names and backgrounds are not publicly available, it is known that he has mostly remained private about his family and has not disclosed much information about them.

Considering Tim’s accomplishments and dedication in his career, it is possible that his parents played a supportive role in his educational pursuits.

Ballard attended Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, from 1994 to 1999, where he studied Spanish and Political Science.

Tim Ballard parents
Ballard keeps his personal information private, including his family details. (Photo: Facebook)

Their encouragement and support could have contributed to his academic achievements.

Specific details about Tim Ballard’s family heritage, including his parents’ background and ethnicity, remain undisclosed.

However, it’s worth noting that the surname “Ballard” is of English origin, and there are suggestions that the Ballard family has roots in Seattle.

Tim Ballard Wife Katherine Ballard

Tim met Katherine while studying at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, between 1994 and 1999. They connected and eventually married, eager to build a family together.

In 2013, Tim grew disillusioned with his job at the H.S.I. He felt compelled to take action to help the children he encountered but had to leave behind due to bureaucratic constraints.

Katherine’s unwavering support bolstered Tim’s confidence.

Tim Ballard Wife Katherine Ballard
Ballard’s Wife, Katherine Ballard, has been his biggest supporter in the journey. (Photo: Facebook)

In the face of a critical decision, she possessed the option to present financial incentives as a compelling rationale for him to remain in his current job.

Her unwavering devotion to the cause of rescuing children from the clutches of traffickers took precedence. She emphasized the significance of prioritizing the welfare of these vulnerable victims over any financial considerations.

Katherine underscored that declining to provide financial support to aid these victims would directly contradict their deeply held values and profound faith.

In her stance, she made it abundantly clear that their principles and beliefs were non-negotiable when it came to combating the heinous crime of child trafficking.

This resolute position taken by Katherine left Tim with absolute certainty that he had the unequivocal support of his wife.

Their shared commitment to the noble cause of fighting child trafficking emerged as a formidable force, eclipsing any potential financial challenges that might have arisen in the course of their journey.

Tim Ballard Net Worth 2023

Based on the available information, as of October 2023, Tim Ballard reportedly enjoys an estimated net worth of $2 million or more.

However, specific details about the sources of his income have yet to be made available.

It’s important to note that Ballard is the founder and C.E.O. of Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.), a nonprofit organization focused on combatting child sex trafficking.

Tim Ballard Net Worth
Tim Ballard enjoys a healthy amount of net worth. (Photo: Facebook)

Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.), under the leadership of Tim, sustains its crucial mission through a diverse array of funding sources, encompassing charitable donations, grants, and dedicated fundraising initiatives.

These financial streams provide the essential backing required to facilitate O.U.R.’s rescue operations and to administer aftercare programs for the survivors of human trafficking.

While Tim’s tireless efforts within O.U.R. have garnered widespread attention and immense support globally, the specifics regarding his net worth necessitate clarification.

Ballard’s net worth might comprise income generated from various sources linked to his advocacy work against human trafficking.

This could include earnings from speaking engagements, proceeds from book sales, or income generated from various entrepreneurial endeavors rooted in his commitment to combating human trafficking.

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