Tana Umaga Family

Coach Tana Umaga Family: Parents, Kids,Wife And Net Worth

Learn the inspiring bond of the Tana Umaga family as we get into the remarkable journey of this legendary rugby player and his loved ones. Find out more. 

Jonathan Ionatana Falefasa Umaga is a former New Zealand rugby union player and ex-captain of the All Blacks.

Known for his leadership, he led the team to victory against the British & Irish Lions in 2005. After retiring, he pursued coaching, including his current role as coach of the Blues in Super Rugby.

Umaga’s contributions to Toulon and his subsequent return to New Zealand for playing and coaching roles have left an indelible mark on the sport.

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Coach Tana Umaga Family: Parents And Siblings 

The renowned rugby figure, Tana, has a fascinating family background.

While limited information is available about his parents, it is known that his brother, Mike Umaga, has represented Samoa in both rugby union and rugby league. 

Additionally, his cousin, Jerry Collins, also had a successful career as an All Blacks player.

Within his extended family, Umaga has nephews Peter Umaga Jensen and Thomas Umaga Jensen, who have represented Wellington at the senior level.

Tana Umaga's family played a vital role in supporting his rugby career and endeavors
Tana Umaga’s family was vital in supporting his rugby career and endeavours. (Photo: RNZ)

Umaga hails from Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand, and his upbringing was steeped in rugby league.

He commenced his rugby journey with the Wainuiomata Lions and rapidly ascended through the ranks, securing positions in the Wellington U-16 and U-17 teams.

The year 1991 marked a significant milestone as he earned a coveted spot in the Junior Kiwis squad, where he shared the field with future National Rugby League luminaries such as Joe Vagana, Ruben Wiki, and Gene Ngamu.

Umaga’s journey from the grassroots of rugby league to the pinnacle of rugby union, including captaining the All Blacks, showcases his exceptional talent, dedication, and the strong rugby culture that permeated his upbringing.

His story is a testament to the transformative power of sport in shaping the lives and careers of athletes, and his impact on rugby is felt through his achievements and the inspiration he provides to future generations of players.

Tana Umaga Ethnicity 

Umaga’s ethnicity is primarily of Samoan and New Zealand Māori descent.

His cultural background is a significant aspect of his identity, as it has influenced not only his personal life but also his career in rugby and his connection to his roots.

Samoan heritage plays a prominent role in Umaga’s ethnicity. Samoa, an island nation in the South Pacific, has a rich and vibrant culture known for its traditions, music, dance, and strong sense of community.

Tana Umaga Ethnicity 
Tana Umaga’s ethnicity is primarily a blend of Samoan and New Zealand Māori descent. (Photo: Instagram)

Many Samoans deeply connect to their heritage and take pride in their cultural practices, which often include extended family networks and a strong emphasis on respect and tradition.

Umaga’s Samoan background likely played a role in shaping his values and sense of identity.

The player’s multicultural ethnicity reflects the diversity celebrated in New Zealand, where people from various backgrounds coexist and contribute to the nation’s rich tapestry of cultures.

In the context of his rugby career, Umaga’s multicultural heritage likely added depth to his leadership style and perspective, allowing him to connect with teammates and fans from different backgrounds.

Tana Umaga Wife And Kids 

Tana, the celebrated rugby figure, has married his soulmate Rochelle for nearly 30 years.

The couple met as teenagers and have prioritized keeping their private life away from the public eye to protect their four children.

Rochelle, who has chosen to maintain a low profile despite being the wife of a sports star, has always been adamant about avoiding the spotlight.

Rochelle has enrolled at AUT to learn te reo Māori, while Tana has been attending Samoan classes online.

Drawing inspiration from Māori traditional knowledge and embracing indigenous wisdom, the Umaga family has embarked on a mission to revolutionize health and wellness.

Their journey has led to the creation a unique line of health products infused with the natural goodness of ingredients like horopito, kānuka, and mānuka.

Their brand, Viktual+, is more than just a business venture; it’s a heartfelt response to pressing health concerns, particularly obesity, within their communities.

Tana Umaga, the renowned rugby personality, has shared a strong bond with his wife Rochelle for almost three decades.
Tana Umaga has shared a strong bond with his wife, Rochelle, for almost three decades. (Photo: Instagram)

The Umaga family’s commitment to addressing these issues underscores their deep-rooted sense of responsibility toward the well-being of their people.

Recognizing the significance of scientific research and evidence-based solutions, the Umagas are dedicated to delivering products that draw from traditional wisdom and boast verified health benefits.

They firmly believe holistic health is paramount, and their products reflect this core principle.

While venturing into the world of wellness products may have initially given them pause, the Umaga family now stands ready to share their vision with the global community.

Their conviction in promoting healthier lifestyles and taking proactive steps toward self-care has propelled them forward.

Rochelle Umaga’s unwavering support and motivation have played a pivotal role in driving this endeavor, even though she prefers to work diligently behind the scenes.

Tana Umaga Net Worth In The Current Year

The former New Zealand rugby player and All Blacks captain has an estimated net worth of around $2 million.

His income primarily stems from his successful rugby career, which spanned eight years and included various accolades and achievements.

As a prominent center, Umaga showcased exceptional skills and leadership abilities on the field, earning him widespread recognition and praise.

Tana Umaga's career is marked by his skillful play, captaincy, and subsequent coaching roles.
Umaga’s career is marked by his skillful play, captaincy, and subsequent coaching roles. (Photo: NZ Herald)

A legendary figure in rugby, not only left an indelible mark as a player but also ventured into coaching, primarily with the Blues in the highly competitive Super Rugby competition.

His multifaceted contributions to the sport have undoubtedly played a significant role in his net worth.

Umaga’s playing career was illustrious, marked by his captaincy of the All Blacks, the New Zealand national rugby team.

Under his leadership, the All Blacks achieved remarkable victories against formidable opponents, including the British & Irish Lions.

These triumphs solidified his legacy and contributed to his financial success through endorsements, sponsorships, and lucrative contracts.

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