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Who Is Rah Digga Daughter Sativa Zee? Husband And Parents

Rah Digga daughter Sativa Zee was born in 1997 to her and her ex-boyfriend  Young Zee.

Rashia Fisher is an American rapper and actress. She gained prominence in the late 1990s as a member of the Flipmode Squad, a hip-hop collective led by Busta Rhymes.

She is known for her skilled wordplay, powerful presence, and contributions to the female representation in hip-hop.

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Who Is Rah Digga Daughter Sativa Zee?

Sativa Zee is the daughter of American rapper and actress Rah Digga.

Zee’s presence in the public eye has been relatively low-key, as her parents have kept her from the spotlight during her upbringing. As a result, not much is widely known about her early life and education.

Born sometime in 1997, Sativa is believed to be around 26 years old as of the current year.

She shares a strong bond with her mother, Digga, who has openly expressed her love and admiration for her daughter on multiple occasions.

Rah Digga Daughter
Rah Digga shared a picture of her with her daughter Sativa Zee from the past. (Photo: Instagram)

Digga has shared pictures of Sativa on her Instagram profile, showing the world the cherished relationship between the two.

Despite her famous parentage, Sativa seems to have chosen a more private lifestyle. However, it has been revealed that she is an entrepreneur and businesswoman specializing in handmade skincare products.

She appears to have found her passion and path away from the music and entertainment industry, where her mother made her name.

Rah Digga Husband: Is The Rapper Married?

Rah Digga, the American rapper and actress, has not been married.

While she has been in relationships with well-known individuals, there has been no confirmation of her being married or currently being in a committed relationship.

Throughout her career, the American rapper has maintained a private personal life, choosing not to disclose many details about her romantic relationships to the public.

Rah Digga Partner
Picture of Rah Digga with her ex-boyfriend Young Zee. (Photo: Getty Images)

As a result, there is limited information about her dating history or any potential partners.

Rah Digga has focused primarily on her music and acting career, where she has achieved significant success and recognition.

She gained prominence in the late 1990s as part of the Flipmode Squad, and her debut solo album, “Dirty Harriet,” was well-received by critics and fans alike.

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Rah Digga Parents

Rah Digga has indeed maintained a low profile when it comes to sharing information about her parents.

As a private individual, she has not disclosed much about her family background to the public. Consequently, limited information about her parents’ identities or personal lives is available.

Rah Digga Parents
Rah Digga has kept parents private and low profile. (Photo: Instagram)

Despite her fame and success as a prominent rapper and actress, Digga has successfully shielded her family and loved ones from the spotlight, focusing on her career and artistic endeavors instead.

Her dedication to privacy has meant that her fans and the media have respected her boundaries and refrained from prying into her personal life.

Digga’s fans continue to appreciate her music, talent, and contributions to hip-hop, understanding and respecting her desire to keep her parents and family out of the public eye.

Rah Digga In Ladies First: A Story of Women in Hip-Hop

In the TV mini-series “Ladies First: A Story of Women in Hip-Hop,” Rah Digga, the renowned American rapper and actress, plays a significant role in celebrating the powerful and enduring impact of women in the hip-hop genre.

The series, set to premiere in 2023, seeks to recreate the remarkable contributions made by female artists to this groundbreaking genre over the past 50 years.

It features a star-studded cast of influential female artists and figures in the industry, including Queen Latifah, Digga, MC Lyte, Saweetie, Roxanne Shanté, and many more.

Each episode of “Ladies First” explores different aspects of women’s influence on hip-hop, from their contributions to the music itself to their roles as trailblazers and cultural icons.

It celebrates their resilience, creativity, and ability to break barriers in a male-dominated industry.

Digga’s inclusion in the series is a testament to her influence and accomplishments in the male-dominated hip-hop world.

Rah Digga Net Worth
Rah Digga celebrates women’s impact in the “Ladies First” TV series. (Photo: Instagram)

Throughout her career, she has garnered respect and recognition for her impeccable lyricism, powerful delivery, and strong presence on the mic.

As a member of the Flipmode Squad, a hip-hop collective led by Busta Rhymes, Digga gained prominence in the late 1990s, and her debut solo album, “Dirty Harriet,” solidified her status as a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

The series received positive reviews, with an IMDb rating of 7.8/10, indicating its impact and resonance with audiences.

“Ladies First” serves as both a tribute to the past and a celebration of the present, highlighting the enduring legacy of women in hip-hop and their continued influence on the genre’s evolution.

It is a must-watch for anyone interested in the history and culture of hip-hop and a reminder of the incredible women who have shaped it.

Rah Digga Net Worth In 2o23

Rah Digga, the accomplished American rapper and actress, has amassed a net worth of approximately $500 thousand through her diverse career in the entertainment industry.

Her primary income sources stem from her contributions to hip-hop music and her forays into acting.

Digga’s journey to fame began in the realm of hip-hop, where she gained recognition as one of the genre’s most skilled female MCs. Her lyrical prowess and distinctive style set her apart in a male-dominated industry.

Digga’s affiliation with the Flipmode Squad, a collective led by Busta Rhymes, further solidified her presence in the hip-hop scene.

Rah Digga Net Worth
Rah Digga’s income is primarily from hip-hop music and acting endeavors. (Photo: Instagram)

Her involvement with the group, although she left in 2007, contributed to her musical acclaim.

In 1998, Digga was featured on the Flipmode Squad’s only studio album, “The Imperial,” showcasing her lyrical talent and adding to her reputation as a prominent woman in rap.

Her contributions to hip-hop have earned her recognition in books and by music critics, emphasizing her significance within the genre.

While her music career remains a cornerstone of her earnings, Rah has also explored acting, expanding her professional horizons. Her net worth reflects her enduring influence in hip-hop and her versatility as an artist in the entertainment world.

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