Lois Neely Death

Lois Neely Death: A Heartfelt Obituary and Mourning the Loss

Find the impact of Lois Neely death on the Sporting Clays community and the legacy she leaves behind. Learn more about her death cause and obituary in detail. 

The obituary and details surrounding the passing of Lois, an esteemed figure in the sporting clays community.

This heartfelt article delves into the legacy left by Lois, a true legend whose unwavering commitment to excellence and service to sportspeople touched the lives of many.

From her early days with the NSSA and NSCA to her venture as WyShotgun, explore the profound impact she made and the cherished memories she leaves behind.

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Lois Neely Death: Mourning the Loss

Lois departed from this world on July 10, 2023, leaving a legacy that will forever remain ingrained in the minds and hearts of all those connected to our industry.

Her unwavering dedication to sporting clays tournaments and her pursuit of excellence, skill, and service to our athletes defined her extraordinary life.

Lois will forever be remembered through the countless experiences, profound knowledge, and exuberant personality she generously shared with all of us.

As we navigate this challenging time, let us offer our patience, understanding, and unwavering support to her grieving family.

Rest In Peace Lois Neely.
Rest In Peace, Lois Neely. (Photo: The Art of Condolence) 

The funeral will be communicated in due course, and we must allow her loved ones the necessary time and space to heal from this profound loss.

Today, we mourn the passing of a true icon, an exceptional individual who touched the lives of many. May Neely’s soul find eternal peace, and may her memory continue to inspire us in our shared love for sporting clays. 

Lois Neely Obituary 2023

We gather here today with heavy hearts and deep sorrow to bid farewell to a remarkable individual who was a legend and an adored sporting Clays community member.  

Lois,  a beloved figure in the world of sporting clays, passed away on July 10, 2023, at the age of 60.

Her life was marked by dedication, passion, and an unwavering commitment to the sporting Clays community.

Lois’s remarkable contributions to the sporting clays community extended beyond her professional roles.

She dedicated a decade of her life to serving on committees such as the Rules Committee and the Hall of Fame Committee as an at-large member, ensuring the integrity and growth of the sport she loved so dearly.

A Graveside Service in her honor was on Saturday, August 19, 2023, at Our Lady of Grace Catholic Cemetery in La Coste, Texas.

A Celebration of Life will follow at 10:30 a.m. on the same day at Tondre-Guinn Funeral Home, with a reception to be held at the National Shooting Complex.

Lois’s legacy will forever remain in the hearts of those she touched, and her impact on the Sporting Clays community will continue to inspire for generations to come.

We extend our heartfelt condolences to the family of Lois Marie Mangold Neely. In this time of profound loss, may you find comfort in the cherished memories and the legacy she leaves behind.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this time of sorrow. Neely’s spirit will live on through her indelible mark on the sporting Clays community and the love she shared with her family.

Who Was Lois Neely? Career And Bio

Neely was an extraordinary individual who made a lasting impact on the Sporting Clays community.

Throughout her life, she dedicated herself to pursuing excellence and service to sportsmen. Lois began her career in 1985 with the NSSA, working in member services.

In 1989, she transitioned to the NSCA, becoming the first staff member solely focused on the NSCA at headquarters.

Her expertise and knowledge of the game led her to serve as an at-large member of the NSCA Rules Committee and Hall of Fame Committee for ten years.

Lois Neely's legacy inspires and guides the sporting clays community.
Neely’s legacy inspires and guides the sporting Clays community. (Image Source: Legit. ng)

In 2000, Lois established WyShotgun, providing nationwide tournament administration services to gun clubs.

Her contributions were invaluable, and she became renowned for running registration at every NSCA National Championship held in San Antonio from 1990 to 2022.

In recognition of her tireless efforts, Lois was honored with the prestigious Hal DuPont Service Award in 2021, earning her a well-deserved place in the NSCA Hall of Fame.

Lois’ legacy will continue to inspire and guide the sporting Clays community for years. Lois will be deeply missed, and her memory will remain in the hearts of people whose lives she touched forever.

Have A Look At Lois Neely Contribution Before Death

Neely significantly contributed to the sporting clays community throughout her remarkable career. Her dedication and commitment to the sport were evident in various ways.

First and foremost, Lois played a pivotal role in the administrative side of sporting clays. She began her journey in member services, supporting and assisting the NSSA and the NSCA.

As the first staff member solely dedicated to the NSCA at headquarters, Lois demonstrated her passion for the organization and its members.

Her knowledge and expertise in tournament administration and member services were invaluable assets to the sporting clays community.

Lois Neely expertise ensured sport integrity and growth through committee contributions.
Neely’s expertise ensured sports integrity and growth through committee contributions. (Image Source: Dillamore Funeral Service)

Additionally, Lois’s involvement extended beyond her professional roles. She remained actively engaged with the NSCA, serving on committees such as the Rules Committee and the Hall of Fame Committee for an impressive ten years as an at-large member.

Her contributions to these committees ensured the integrity and growth of the sport, as she shared her deep understanding of the game and its intricacies.

Overall, Lois Neely’s contributions to the sporting clays community were vast and impactful. Her dedication to administrative excellence, participation in committees, and provision of tournament administration services helped shape and enhance the sport.

Her commitment and passion will be remembered as an integral part of the sporting clay legacy, leaving an indelible mark on the community she cherished.

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