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Fact Check: Is Istela Nunes Lesbian? Gender, Sexuality and Partner

Explore the question: Is Istela Nunes Lesbian? Discover the Brazilian MMA fighter’s open embrace of her sexual orientation in this insightful article.

Istela is a Brazilian mixed martial artist who has competed in the UFC. She holds a professional record of 6 wins, four losses, and one no-contest.

Nunes has fought in the strawweight division and has faced tough opponents during her career. She is known for her striking skills and has showcased her talents in various MMA promotions.

While she has experienced both victories and setbacks, Nunes continues to pursue her passion for martial arts and strives for success in the competitive world of MMA.

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Is Istela Nunes Lesbian? UFCS First Openly Lesbian Fighter

A Brazilian mixed martial artist, Istela, has garnered attention for her skills in the octagon and her personal life.

It has been stated that she is a lesbian and has shared a picture with her partner, Katie Hohmann, on her official social media site.

While public figures have the right to privacy, some individuals openly share aspects of their personal lives, including their relationships and sexual orientation.

Istela Nunes pictured with her girlfriend Katie
Istela Nunes pictured with her girlfriend, Katie. (Photo: Instagram)

By sharing a picture with her partner, Nunes has offered a glimpse into her happiness and authenticity.

In a world where LGBTQ+ representation is crucial, athletes like Nunes, who openly embrace their identities, can serve as role models for others.

Their visibility helps create a more inclusive and accepting environment within the sports community and beyond.

Istela Nunes Gender And Sexuality Explored

Istela’s gender is not explicitly mentioned; it can be inferred that she identifies as a woman based on her participation in the women’s division of mixed martial arts competitions.

As for her sexuality, it has been stated that Nunes is a lesbian.

She has shared a picture with her partner, Katie Hohmann, on her official social media site, which indicates her involvement in a same-sex relationship.

Nunes' openness promotes LGBTQ+ visibility and representation in sports.
Nunes’ openness promotes LGBTQ+ visibility and representation in sports. (Photo: Instagram)

Nunes’ openness about her sexuality is notable, as it contributes to LGBTQ+ representation and visibility within the sports community.

She publicly acknowledges her relationship and promotes inclusivity and acceptance, inspiring others who may identify as LGBTQ+ to be true to themselves.

Who Is Istela Nunes Wife Katie Hohmann?

Katie Hohmann is a massage therapist, as indicated by her profile on the social media platform Instagram under the handle “katiehohmannlmt.”

Her profile picture suggests that she is a professional in her field. With 3,723 followers and 1,470 followers, she likely shares her knowledge and expertise with her audience.

Katie Hohmann’s professional focus appears to be on holistic longevity, biomechanics, muscular pain solutions, and rehab/sport manual therapy.

Her services likely include techniques such as myofascial release and mobilization to improve functionality and alleviate muscular pain.

Istela Nunes and Katie Hohmann share a close bond and enjoy spending time together. They have been seen travelling together, indicating a shared interest in exploring new places and experiencing different cultures.

Istela Nunes Girlfriend
Istela confirmed their relationship by posting a picture with the caption, She Say Yes. (Photo: Instagram)

They have also shared pictures and videos of themselves on social media, showcasing their moments of joy and creating memories as a couple.

Istela proposed to her girlfriend Katie at Disneyland in December 2022. Since then, they have frequently shared precious moments of their lives together on social media.

These posts showcase their love and affection, highlighting the special bond they have formed.

The proposal at Disneyland suggests that it was a significant and memorable moment for both Istela and Katie.

The amusement park setting adds a touch of magic and romance to their relationship, creating a beautiful backdrop for their commitment to one another.

Istela Nunes Wiki And Biography

Istela, hailing from Brazil, is a 30-year-old female mixed martial artist who has made a name for herself in the world of professional fighting.

With a pro-MMA record of 6-4-0, Nunes has showcased her skills and determination in the highly competitive realm of combat sports.

Nunes’s journey in professional MMA began in October 2015 when she made her debut against Cynthia Cândido at PRVT: Cascavel Top Fight 2.

She started her career on a high note, securing a victory by KO/TKO at 3:42 of the first round. This impressive start laid the foundation for what would become a promising career in the sport.

Her big break came when she joined the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) on October 16, 2021, for UFC Fight Night: Ladd vs. Dumont. At that time, Nunes had already compiled a notable record of 6 wins and 1 loss.

Istela Nunes Wiki And Biography 
Istela Nune debuted in October 2015 against Cynthia Cândido at PRVT: Cascavel Top Fight 2. (Photo: Facebook)

Unfortunately, her UFC debut did not go as planned, as she faced Ariane Carnelossi and was submitted at 2:57 of the third round.

Despite her initial setback in the UFC, Nunes continued to test her mettle in the Octagon, accumulating more experience in the sport’s premier organization.

As of her most recent fight in December 2022, Nunes had fought a total of 3 times in the UFC, although she had yet to secure a victory within the promotion, holding a UFC record of 0-3-0.

Nunes’s last win came on July 7, 2018, when she faced Gina Iniong at ONE Championship. In a hard-fought battle, Nunes emerged victorious by decision at 5:00 of the third round.

It was a significant win in her career and showcased her ability to compete at a high level in the world of professional MMA.

However, Nunes has also faced challenges in her journey. Her most recent loss came at UFC Fight Night on December 3, 2022, when she was defeated by Yazmin Jauregui via KO/TKO at 4:06 of the second round.

This loss marked the continuation of a tough stretch for Nunes, as she found herself on a three-fight losing streak.

Throughout her career, Nunes has displayed her striking ability, with 2 of her 6 wins coming by knockout. She has also shown her resilience, enduring tough battles and going the distance in 4 of her victories, winning by decision.

Despite the ups and downs, Istela Nunes remains a determined and dedicated fighter, representing Brazil on the international stage of mixed martial arts.

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