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Daniel Auteuil Has Been Married Three Times- Wives And Family

The French actor known for Jean de Florette has been married three times. Here is everything you need to know about Daniel Auteuil wife.

Auteuil is a renowned French actor and director. He has significantly impacted French cinema and appeared in diverse film genres.

Auteuil’s notable performances span period dramas, romantic comedies, and crime thrillers.

Auteuil’s talent and versatility have been recognized beyond French borders as well. His performance in “Jean de Florette” earned him the BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role.

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Daniel Auteuil Wife and Marriage Story

Auteuil was married to actress Anne Jousset from 1978 to 1984.

Their marriage lasted for six years before they eventually parted ways. Anne Jousset is also a French actress known for her theatre, film, and television work.

While their marriage ended, Auteuil and Jousset continued pursuing their respective careers in the entertainment industry.

A few years later, Auteuil entered a relationship with fellow French actress Emmanuelle Béart. They met while working together on the film “Manon des Sources” in 1986.

Daniel Auteuil wife
Daniel Auteuil was married to wife Anne Jousset from 1978 to 1984. (Photo: Getty Images)

Their on-screen chemistry turned into a real-life romance, and they were in a long-term relationship before tying the knot in 1993.

However, Auteuil and Béart’s marriage was relatively short-lived, as they divorced in 1995.

Despite the end of their marriage, both actors remained prominent figures in the French film industry.

Emmanuelle Béart continued establishing herself as a highly regarded actress known for her talent and beauty.

Daniel Auteuil Current Partner Aude Ambroggi

The French actor and director’s current partner is Aude Ambroggi, a painter, and their relationship has been a source of happiness and fulfillment for the renowned French actor.

Aude Ambroggi, 45 years old, captured Auteuil’s heart in 2003, and they have been together ever since.

The couple officially exchanged vows in July 2006 in a picturesque ceremony held in Porto-Vecchio, Corsica.

Several notable figures from the entertainment industry, including Christian Clavier, Elie Semoun, and Dave, attended the wedding.

Daniel Auteuil with his Wife Aude Ambroggi
Daniel Auteuil, with his Wife Aude Ambroggi, attends ‘The Wolf of Wall Street World Premiere in Paris. (Photo: Getty Images)

Their union initially attracted attention due to the significant age difference between Auteuil, 55, and Ambroggi, 28.

However, the couple has proven that love transcends age and societal expectations.

The couple’s relationship blossomed after two years of getting to know each other, during which they navigated the idea of a potential romance.

Eventually, they realized that age was merely an abstract concept and decided it did not matter.

Auteuil has spoken about his happiness in his relationship with Aude, highlighting their shared experiences and the sense of equilibrium they have achieved together.

Daniel Auteuil Children

Auteuil has three children. His first child, Aurore, was born in 1981 during his marriage to actress Anne Jousset. Aurore has followed in her father’s footsteps and pursued a career in acting.

Auteuil’s second child is a daughter named Nelly, born in 1992. Nelly is from his relationship with actress Emmanuelle Béart.

She has chosen a different path and has not pursued a career in the entertainment industry.

The actor’s youngest child is a son named Zachary, born in 2009. Zachary results from Auteuil’s relationship with Aude Ambroggi, an artist.

Daniel Auteuil Children
Auteuil with his daughter Nelly Auteuil, Aurore Auteuil, and wife Aude Ambroggi 11th Film Festival Lumiere. (Photo: Getty Images)

Aude and Daniel have been in a relationship since 2003 and have enjoyed a long-lasting partnership.

Despite the demands of his successful acting career, Auteuil has balanced his professional commitments with his role as a father.

He has shared his life and experiences with his children, each of whom has chosen their path.

Aurore has followed her father’s passion for acting, Nelly has pursued her interests outside the limelight, and Zachary represents the joy and love in Auteuil’s later years.

Daniel Auteuil Family Deatils: Parents

Daniel Auteuil was born in January 1950 in Algiers, French Algeria. His parents were both opera singers.

His father, Henri Auteuil, and his mother, Yvonne Auteuil, were involved in music and performance.

Auteuil grew up in Avignon and Nancy, France, where he spent his formative years.

From a young age, he showed an interest in the arts and eventually embarked on a career in acting. He initially started in musical comedy, honing his skills and showcasing his talent on stage.

Daniel Auteuil Family
Daniel Auteuil was born to parents Henri Auteuil and Yvonne Auteuil. (Photo: Instagram)

In 1972, Auteuil made his film debut, marking the beginning of his successful journey in cinema.

Over the years, he has become one of France’s most well-known, well-paid, and beloved actors.

His breakthrough came with his starring role in the historical drama film “Jean de Florette” (1986) and its sequel “Manon des Sources” (1986), which garnered him international recognition.\

Daniel Auteuil Net Worth

In 2023, Daniel Auteuil net worth is a whopping $245 million. That’s a lot of zeros!

Now, how did he pile up all those bucks? Well, he’s not just an actor; he’s a money maestro.

Smart moves in the stock market, owning severe properties, and cashing in on deals with big brands like CoverGirl cosmetics played a significant role.

But that’s not all. Daniel’s got his fingers in many pies. Ever heard of the “Fat Auteuil Burger” joints in Paris? Yep, he owns those.

Daniel Auteuil Net Worth
 Auteuil has earned a lucrative net worth through his diverse portfolio. (Photo: LeJDD)

And he’s not just kicking it on the screen; he’s also got a football team named the “Algiers Angels.” Plus, he’s a drink mogul with his own vodka brand, “Pure Wonderauteuil – France.”

And wait, there’s more! He’s making waves in the perfume world with a best-selling scent called “With Love from Daniel,” he’s got a fashion line called “Daniel Auteuil Seduction.”

So, when you hear that the French actor is worth $245 million in 2023, it’s not just from acting—it’s from being a financial wizard and a business-savvy trendsetter.

That’s the kind of money talk that makes you say, “Wow, that’s impressive!”

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