Calum Ritchie Brother Ethan

Who is Calum Ritchie Brother Ethan Ritchie? Parents, Early Life and Career

Calum Ritchie brother Ethan Ritchie has significantly shaped his journey and development in the ice hockey world. Find out more. 

Ritchie is a highly talented Canadian ice hockey player who has swiftly emerged as a rising star in the sport.

Currently, he showcases his exceptional skills as a member of the Oshawa Generals in the prestigious Ontario Hockey League (OHL).

 With an impressive performance and undeniable potential, Ritchie was selected by the Colorado Avalanche as the 27th overall pick in the renowned 2023 NHL Entry Draft.

 Even from a young age, Calum’s unwavering passion for ice hockey was evident.

Calum has had the privilege of representing his country internationally.

In the 2022 Hlinka Gretzky Cup, he showcased his immense talent, scoring five goals and providing four assists in just five games, ultimately securing a gold medal for Canada.

Moreover, Ritchie continued to excel in the international arena, representing Canada at the 2023 IIHF World U18 Championships, where he contributed three goals and six assists in seven games, helping his team secure a bronze medal.

Meet Calum Ritchie Brother Ethan Ritchie

Ethan Ritchie, the older brother of Calum, has profoundly impacted Calum’s life and overall development, personally and as an ice hockey player.

Calum sincerely acknowledges Ethan as a significant driving force behind his continuous improvement in various aspects of his life.

From an early age, Calum recognized that Ethan possessed remarkable strength and speed, which constantly motivated Calum to strive for improvement on and off the ice.

Calum Ritchie Brother Ethan Ritchie
Calum with brother Ethan on the left and coach Worble in the middle. (Source: The Athletic)

Inspired by his older brother, Calum diligently worked to bridge the gap and emulate Ethan’s day-to-day habits, pushing himself relentlessly in the gym and on the ice.

Ethan’s influence extends beyond physical abilities, as Calum credits him for making him better in all aspects of his life.

From their shared experiences, Calum sought to match Ethan’s strength and speed, incorporating his brother’s disciplined routines into his journey.

Ethan Ritchie, born on June 4, 2002, in Oakville, ON, Canada, a defenseman, has been a role model for Calum and a source of inspiration and invaluable support throughout their intertwined paths in the ice hockey world.

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Calum Ritchie Parents: Father Pat And Mother Shannon Ritchie

Calum Ritchie’s passion for ice hockey is indebted to the unwavering support and encouragement of his parents, Pat and Shannon Ritchie.

Pat, who currently holds the position of Vice President at Suncor, an energy company, has a rich hockey background.

Having played AAA and Canadian university hockey at Wilfrid Laurier University, Pat’s experiences in the game ignited Calum’s love for hockey from an early age.

Right from the beginning, Calum displayed immense enthusiasm for the sport, eagerly embracing the ice without shedding a tear when his parents introduced him to skating at the tender age of three.

Calum Ritchie Family
Calum Ritchie Family with his Ice Hockey Family in Whitby, Ontario. (Source: The Athletic)

Hockey quickly became a shared interest between Calum and his father, spending countless hours practicing together in their driveway when they weren’t at the rink.

Calum’s passion for the game extended beyond active participation as he immersed himself in all aspects of the sport.

He eagerly followed the hockey world, delving into team knowledge, memorizing statistics, and effortlessly engaging in discussions.

As a dedicated fan, Calum ardently supported the Toronto Maple Leafs while admiring Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins during his formative years.

Pat and Shannon Ritchie’s unwavering support and guidance have fostered Calum’s deep-rooted love for hockey and propelled him on his remarkable journey in the sport.

Calum Ritchie Early Life And Career

From a very young age, Calum displayed a remarkable enthusiasm for ice hockey.

Unlike some children, he eagerly embraced the ice and shed no tears when his parents introduced him to skating at the tender age of three.

This early passion for the sport laid the foundation for his promising career.

Ritchie showcased his exceptional skills and talent in the Ontario Hockey League (OHL) in his rookie season.

He quickly established himself as one of the league’s most productive under-17 players, recording an impressive 45 points in 65 games for the Oshawa Generals.

Calum Ritchie Early Life And Career
Ritchie developed an interest in ice hockey at age three. (Source: Instagram)

His outstanding performance placed him fourth on the team’s scoring leaderboard and earned him a spot on the league’s First All-Rookie Team.

Moreover, he continued to shine in the playoffs, contributing seven points in six games and tying for the team lead.

During the 2022-23 season, Ritchie continued to make waves in the OHL, demonstrating his scoring prowess and playmaking abilities.

He amassed an impressive total of 24 goals and 35 assists in 59 games for the Oshawa Generals, solidifying his status as a rising star in hockey.

Ritchie’s early life and career are characterized by his unwavering passion, masterful performance, and ability to make a significant impact at a young age.

With his exceptional talent and dedication to the game, he is poised to continue his upward trajectory in the world of ice hockey. 

Calum Ritchie NHL Draft 2023

Ritchie’s journey to the 2023 NHL Entry Draft is a testament to his dedication and willingness to adapt.

General manager Roger Hunt first witnessed Ritchie’s skills in a showcase event held in Vaughan, Ontario.

These showcases allowed 15-year-old prospects like Ritchie to showcase their abilities and become eligible for the 2021 OHL Priority Selection.

A year before catching Hunt’s attention, Ritchie had already begun training with esteemed coach Paul Wrobel, who had worked with NHL prospects such as Brandt Clarke, Jack Quinn, and others.

Calum Ritchie NHL Draft 2023
Colorado Avalanche drafted Calcium Ritchie in the 2023 NHL Entry Draft. (Source: Instagram)

Ritchie’s commitment to improving his game and working alongside top-level talents paid off. Upon joining the OHL, Ritchie demonstrated his remarkable potential.

In his rookie season, he became the second-most productive under-17 player in the league, recording an impressive 45 points in 65 games for the Oshawa Generals.

His outstanding performance got him a spot on the OHL’s First All-Rookie Team, further solidifying his status as a rising star.

The culmination of Ritchie’s hard work and talent came when he was selected 27th overall by the Colorado Avalanche in the highly anticipated 2023 NHL Entry Draft.

His remarkable journey from showcase events to becoming a highly sought-after draft prospect showcases his determination, adaptability, and skill, setting the stage for an exciting future in the NHL.

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