Harry Styles and Taylor Russell dating

Are Harry Styles and Taylor Russell Dating? Relationship Timeline

Harry Styles and Taylor Russell have sparked widespread speculation with their recent sightings together. The internet has been abuzz with rumors of a potential romance between the two.

Their appearance at a concert in Vienna, followed by a viral video of them walking together in the city, has only fueled the speculation.

Fans and media alike are captivated by the chemistry and connection they seem to share.

Whether their relationship is romantic or platonic remains to be seen. Still, Styles and Russell have become the town’s talk, leaving everyone eagerly awaiting further developments.

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Are Harry Styles and Taylor Russell Dating? Rumors Debunked

Are Harry Styles and Taylor Russell Dating? That’s the burning question on everyone’s minds as rumors swirl about a possible romance between the two.

The internet has been abuzz with posts speculating about their relationship status ever since they were spotted together at a concert in Vienna.

The speculation grew more robust when a viral video showed them walking together in the city.

are Harry Styles and Taylor Russell dating
Taylor Russell enjoyed a Harry Styles concert at a VIP Seat in Vienna, Austria. (Photo: Page Six)

While neither Harry nor Taylor has confirmed or denied the rumors, their recent appearances together have sparked intense curiosity among fans and Harry’s devoted following, the Harries.

Taylor’s attendance at Harry’s concert in London and her presence in Vienna further fueled the dating rumors.

A photo circulating on Twitter, showing Taylor wearing a white outfit and standing with a man resembling Harry, has added to the speculation.

As fans eagerly await an official statement or further evidence, the internet remains abuzz with discussions about the possibility of a Hollywood power couple.

Harry Styles and Taylor Russell Were First Spotted in June

Styles and Russell were first spotted together in June, igniting rumors of a potential romance.

They were seen leaving an art museum in London, holding hands, which set the internet abuzz. Since then, fans have been keeping a close eye on the duo, capturing more glimpses of them in public.

In one instance, TikTok user @ellahodgkinson shared photos of them walking together during a casual hangout in London.

 Harry Styles and Taylor Russell were first spotted in june
Styles and Russell were first spotted in June. (Photo: TikTok)

Their connection became even more evident when they were spotted exploring Vienna together, coinciding with Harry’s concert in the city.

Videos showed Harry in a navy blue bomber jacket and Taylor in an all-black outfit.

Taylor also donned a sleeveless white dress with a deep V-shaped back, reminiscent of her previous sightings.

Despite the mounting evidence, Harry and Taylor have remained tight-lipped about their alleged romance, leaving fans eagerly awaiting any official announcement.

Who is Taylor Russell?

Taylor Russell is a 28-year-old Canadian actor who has made a name for herself in the film and television industry.

Born and raised in Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto, Taylor faced challenges growing up due to her biracial background. Her mother is white, while her father is black.

However, she found solace and expression through the performing arts, developing a passion for dance and painting.

Taylor’s talent and dedication have led to a steady rise in her career.

actress Taylor Russell
28-year-old Canadian actor Taylor Russell (Photo: Glamour UK)

She has delivered notable performances in various films, including Waves (2019), Escape Room (2019) and its sequel in 2021, and Bones and All (2022).

She showcased her versatility in Waves and was nominated for the Independent Spirit Award for Best Supporting Female. Taylor also gained recognition for her role in the Netflix series Lost In Space (2018–2021).

Her portrayal of a cannibalistic teenager in Bones and All earned her the prestigious Marcello Mastroianni Award.

With talent, passion, and a growing list of accolades, Russell continues to captivate audiences with her compelling performances and is undoubtedly an emerging talent to watch in the industry.

Harry Styles Relationship Timeline

Harry Styles, the enigmatic heartthrob, has been a subject of curiosity regarding his romantic endeavors.

Despite his rise to fame with One Direction, Styles has maintained an air of mystery around his love life. Early in his career, he garnered attention for his relationship with the late Caroline Flack.

Swiftly after, paparazzi shots with Taylor Swift fueled rumors, sparking a series of high-profile relationships, including flings with Victoria’s Secret models like Kendall Jenner and Camille Rowe.

The “As It Was” crooner later embarked on a nearly two-year journey with Olivia Wilde after her split from Jason Sudeikis.

Styles, committed to privacy, expressed, “I’ve never talked about my life away from work publicly and found that it’s benefited me positively.”

Post-Wilde, he was spotted with Emily Ratajkowski in Tokyo and later seen with actress Taylor Russell in 2023.

Styles’ romantic history traces back to his pre-fame days, dating Felicity Skinner in his teenage years, showcasing his early charm.

The saga continued with a 2011 link to TV personality Caroline Flack, which ended amicably in 2012.

Harry Styles Relationship Timeline
Styles first encountered Olivia Wilde in late 2020 when he was cast in her movie Don’t Worry Darling. (Photo: People)

The Caroline chapter is poignant, marked by public scrutiny due to the age gap, ultimately leading to the demise of their relationship.

Emma Ostilly, Emily Atack, and Kimberly Stewart briefly entered the picture, each contributing to the mosaic of Styles’ romantic escapades.

Then came the whirlwind romance with Taylor Swift in late 2012, filled with Central Park strolls and holiday getaways. Swift’s album “1989” offered a peek into their relationship.

Styles navigated through a tapestry of relationships in the following years – from Kendall Jenner in 2013 to Nadine Leopold, Georgia Fowler, Tess Ward, and ultimately, Camille Rowe in 2017.

The Rowe chapter, lasting till mid-2018, inspired speculation about certain tracks on Styles’ “Fine Line” album, supported by a voicemail from Rowe in the song “Cherry.”

The latest addition to Styles’ romantic journey was the involvement with Olivia Wilde, a connection forged on the set of “Don’t Worry Darling.”

The duo showcased affection at various events, with Wilde becoming a constant presence at Styles’ concerts. The relationship, while guarded, hinted at seriousness with shared family introductions.

As Styles and Wilde’s paths took a brief hiatus, the ever-elusive heartthrob embarked on a fling with Emily Ratajkowski in Tokyo and later was seen with Taylor Russell.

Despite Styles’ penchant for keeping his love life private, his romantic odyssey continues to captivate fans, leaving the world eager to unfold the chapters that lie ahead.

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